Front doors are the most important part of your curb appeal. The first thing buyers and guests will notice is your entrance. However, besides focusing on aesthetics, you should also put attention on security.

We can all agree that proper safety is much more important than exterior looks. Luckily, homeowners can have both these days since there are tons of good offers out there on windows and doors.

To get a better perspective on the matter, here are the top 5 ways to make your front door more secure:


Door replacement will certainly increase your security, but there are other budget-friendly options that can reach a similar level of protection. The second thing you should focus on are the locks. Purchasing the most expensive material out there won’t matter much if your locks are old and rusty.

Besides their quality, locks should also go deep enough into the frame. This way intruders will have a much harder time getting in. One of the most popular options is a deadbolt. You can even choose a 1 sided deadbolts which don’t have a keyhole on the outside.

Planning your exit/entrance is extremely important. This will prove to be very beneficial in extreme or dangerous situations. To maximize security, make sure to purchase from renowned firms that always deliver quality products.


As we mentioned before, people tend to forget about security for the sake of aesthetics. This can be seen in glass décor put around the doorknob. Have in mind that intruders can break the glass and turn the knob from the inside.

If you are in love with the idea of glass and windows around your front door, opt for installing them higher or for putting metal cages around them. When properly planned, these cages can make a wonderful decoration.

Other entrance decorations can be seen in the form of plants. Putting large bushes and vases next to your door isn’t a smart move. Burglars have been known to hide there and wait for the perfect opportunity to get in.


As human minds, two doors work better than one. Security screens are basically additional doors that make breaking in much harder for potential intruders. They are installed in front of your door and serve as additional barriers. These screens are metal perforations with separate locking systems.

With security screens, intruders will have to make a difficult entrance strategy, spending hours and even days on planning. This will surely discourage them, especially when they find out how these screens open toward the entrance.

Some homeowners are concerned with the negative impact these additional barriers have on curb appeal. However, if chosen wisely, they can significantly improve it.


One of the benefits of security screens is that they can enable homeowners to open the door to strangers and feel safe at the same time. In a way, they can be considered as large peepholes. But, if you want to add more perspective to the outside, consider purchasing a wide-angle peephole for your front door.

Just by using a different glass, you can protect yourself from the cheap tactics of the regular intruder. So if someone rings the bell and magically disappears right afterward, you will be able to see where exactly that person is hiding.

To gain a better understanding, imagine looking at a panoramic photo of a seashore vs a narrow close up. You will be able to see many more objects in the former.


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