Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. To make sure that your roof is always in top shape, you have to do regular maintenance and repair. Having a damaged roofing structure leads to higher energy bills, less comfort, and moisture problems.

The type of shingles you have determines your roof’s efficiency. Here is what to look out for if you suspect they need replacing:


First and foremost, each shingle material has its own unique lifespan. Even though they are the cheapest material, asphalt shingles last significantly less than other types (18-23). Wooden shingles are somewhere in the middle with an average of 35 years while metal and tile can even last a 100 years.

However, these numbers shouldn’t be taken for granted since they vary according to climate, installation process, quality of manufacturing and amount of maintenance put in. For instance, metal shingles can have their lifespans cut in half if they are frequently facing large temperature variations.

In any scenario, check your warranties and schedule free professional roofing consultations if your shingles are reaching their maximum age.


If your roof is young according to the warranties and you still suspect that you need shingle replacement, go above and inspect the condition of your shingles. Having one or two broken shingles may be fixed with repair, but in most cases, these situations are warning signs that something bigger is going to happen. Your shingles need to be replaced if they are:



Having natural imprints on your shingles is never a good thing. Moss, algae, bird nests and pesticides must be removed at all costs. With time these can build up to that end that the entire roof might start to sag and eventually collapse.

If your shingles are tangled up around moss and algae, you probably need to replace them and also check if you need a full roof replacement. They have been nesting on your roof particularly for a reason. You might be having moisture problems and an insufficient structure.


The best way to truly check the condition of your roof is to look in the attic. If you have mold, rot, and pesticides, you probably have a faulty roof as well. One of the more obvious signs are cracks and leaks.

You must make sure that your attic and roof are always in top shape. Besides sealing those cracks and stopping the leaks, you must dig deeper and find the initial cause. In most cases, the roof is reaching old age and starts to slowly deteriorate. However, expert advice is always necessary. By receiving professional and adequate advice, you will get to solve your problems quickly and effectively.


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