The market is filled with various window materials and types. As a modern homebuyer or renovator, you have the luxury of choosing the ideal ones for your home. Make sure to make the most of it and choose the best option for your new, replacement windows.

Here is why energy efficiency is on everybody’s priority list:


The best way to grab the attention of modern homebuyers is by mentioning the words energy efficiency and curb appeal. The best way to improve both is by adding new windows and doors. However, doing home renovations before selling won’t matter much if you don’t choose the proper materials.

If you are a homeowner that is keen for details and likes to make good investments, energy efficiency is a smart first move. Have in mind that as time passes by, people are becoming more environmentally conscious thus efficient homes do much better on the market than non-efficient ones.

For instance, average-quality vinyl windows can have an ROI of 80%. Energy Star rated windows are far from average quality and this is widely appreciated by buyers (easily seen in their ROI differences).


We saw how energy efficient windows will surely put a few more dimes in your pockets, but apart from adding home value, they will also reduce your energy bills. Tons of homeowners are wondering how and why, but if you start to think about it, it’s quite reasonable.

At the end of the day, with new efficient windows, you won’t have to turn on the HVAC or furnace that often. Old windows let everything inside, including cold breezes in the winter and harmful UV rays. This is why your rooms can’t get cold enough in summer even though the HVAC is running all day.

When you have windows of high quality, everything stays outside. In fact, energy-efficient windows are such powerful insulators that you will notice interior condensation in the first few months.


As we mentioned before, modern homebuyers adore energy efficiency. Recent research shows how 84% of modern buyers or millennials would pay 3% more for an energy-efficient household. Additionally, 76% of homeowners are worried about the efficiency of their windows.

It is evident that environmental consciousness has a massive impact on the realtor market. Put saving up some money in the mix, and you will easily see how purchasing non-efficient windows are just a bad investment.

The entire matter can be summed up to basically one question: Why choose low-quality windows when you can purchase high-quality ones and plus save the environment in the process?


Unfortunately, our windows don’t last forever. Aluminum framing can live up to see a maximum of 18 years and only if the weather conditions are ideal. Vinyl and fiberglass have the lead when it comes to lifespans, but you should expect to watch them decay by the age of 50.

The biggest factors for reduced lifespans are lack of maintenance and poor quality. When you think of this, remember that energy-efficient window won’t get shaken up that easily by bad weather, resulting in longer lifespans. Additionally, they won’t need much maintenance to get going.


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