If you are moving into a new home, you will probably hear the word “gutters” once or twice. As a new homeowner, you will also be hearing a lot about window replacement, basement waterproofing, weeping tiles, and sump pumps.

The last three, including gutters, are an important part of the drainage system in your house. Homes without gutters and sump pumps have a much harder time keeping up with the rainy season.

Gutters are necessary for every home that is exposed to rain. In fact, the only homes which don’t need gutters are those located in desserts.

What Do They Do?

Gutters are a system of open pipes that control the pathways of rainwater. They are placed around roofs. After they gather the rainwater, they dispose of it in a sewer or on a downhill street. When homes don’t have gutters, they face the most annoying scenarios:

  • Water accumulates and builds pressure on the roof, resulting in attic leaks
  • Water accumulates in the backyard and puts pressure on basement walls, resulting in leaks
  • Water enters through cracked and old windows, resulting in window replacement

The power of water shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether it puts pressure on roof shingles or concrete walls, leaks and even floods will start appearing in no time. This is why every home needs gutters – to prevent the possibility of water damage.

Worst Case Scenarios

So we previously mentioned two possible scenarios that can happen if you don’t have gutters. When rainwater starts putting pressure on your roof shingles, they crack. This means that your roof will lose functionality much faster than expected and you will probably need to do a full replacement.

Besides roof replacement and dealing with severe attic leaks, not having gutters can destroy your basement and home’s foundation. When rainwater is collected from the roof, the ground closest to your basement and window well will stay dry.

If you don’t have gutters, everything will fall into large splashes. A basement waterproofing system or backyard drainage may save you from this, but it will put much more effort into doing so. This will result in cracked concrete, window leaks and damaged parts of your drainage systems.

Proper Maintenance

But having gutters isn’t the only thing that will save you from difficult scenarios. There have been tons of situations when homeowners faced basement and attic floods just because of unclean gutters. When we don’t clean our gutters regularly, debris will start building up inside them.

From leaves to bird nests, your gutters can get clogged when you least expect it. And when they get clogged, it is the same as if you don’t have them. Water will accumulate on the roof and in the backyard, putting your home’s structures in harmful situations.

To avoid this, homeowners clean their gutters 2 times a year and after every storm. They also cut branches nearby and clean up the roof from algae and moss. The more effort you show, the more your gutters will last.

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