The main function gutters have is to properly dispose of excess rainwater. So unless you live in an area which hasn’t seen rain or snow for decades, yes, you need gutters for your home. Without them, our roofs would get filled with water which would lead to severe leaks and foundation cracks.

If you are unsure whether to install gutters, contact professional roofing and schedule a free consultation. Every home is different and your problem might be solved without gutters. But, it is highly possible that you do need them and here is why:

What Do They Do?

We mentioned how the gutter’s main role is to properly dispose of excess rainwater. So why is this important? The power of water shouldn’t be underestimated. When it accumulates in a certain area, it puts so much pressure on nearby surfaces to that end that everything completely breaks. This is why windows leak, basements flood, and pipes burst.

So we can do window replacement, basement waterproofing, and pipe repair, but what should we do with the roof? Well what waterproofing does for basements, gutters do for roofs. They gather the excess water and carry it to a disposal area like a sewer or downhill.

The Side Effects

By redirecting rainwater, gutters relieve the pressure water puts on our roofs and prevent attic leaks, shingle cracks, and mold growth. These are only a few of the negative side effects of not having gutters. For each home, the situation that will follow is different, but there are 3 basic scenarios:

The first scenario is that water will start splashing everywhere, most probably right next to your basement, destroying your home’s foundation and your soil. Second, it will start traveling through your exterior walls, creating cracks and window leaks. Third, the roof will start to break, causing severe attic leaks, rot and mold growth throughout the entire area.

The Backyard

If you live in a rainy climate and don’t have gutters, at least consider installing backyard drainage. But, honestly the latter is much more expensive than the former, so maybe gutters are the smartest option. The soil will be damaged if you don’t have gutters on the roof.

Large splashes of rainwater will fall in the most unexpected places and every plant life you want to preserve will vanish. Additionally, soil erosion will occur. This isn’t a thing to be underestimated since it can lead to uneven flooring, cracked walls and chimney trouble.

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