There are many reasons to replace your front door. If you can afford it and are already thinking about this renovation project, go for it. You have nothing to lose and many wonderful things to gain. To shed a light on the matter, here are the most important benefits from a front door replacement.

Curb Appeal

Research shows how the 2 most important things that modern home buyers are looking for are: curb appeal and energy efficiency. The front door is the most important part of your curb appeal. Refreshing your entrance isn’t that expensive, but it can make your home look like it’s worth thousands more.
You can upgrade your door to a one made from better material or change the color to a brighter one. Additionally, you can add front décors such as plants, canopies, and entrance tiles.

The Numbers

Replacing your door, whether front, patio or garage always had a high ROI, especially these past years. This is linked to the fact that buyers love curb appeal and efficiency. To get a better perspective on the matter, you should know that front door replacement, if properly done has an average ROI of 85%.

Another similar renovation project with a high ROI is window replacement, so if you are looking to improve curb appeal, you should check that as well.

Improved Security

Besides thinking solely through the perspective of value and investments, you should also consider security and comfort. Doors have their own lifespans too and if when they start reaching their limits, functionality significantly decreases.

Purchasing a brand new front door, made from the most advanced material on the market today will make you sleep much easier at night. You should also consider upgrading the locking system since that is of equal importance.

Improved Efficiency

So we talked about curb appeal, what about energy efficiency and front doors? Well, just like windows, doors also have an impact on your energy bills. If you have an old wooden door, don’t expect to live in a draft-free environment.

Newer means better quality and that always leads to good things. Upgrading your loose, wooden door to a fiberglass one will reduce your annual energy spending. You will also experience better comfort.

Less Maintenance

Everything depends on personal preferences. Some homeowners decide to purchase doors that require much less maintenance, even if they are a bit more expensive. Some want cheaper doors and some are going for more security.

For those interested in maintenance, you should know that new doors will require less cleaning and repainting jobs. That’s really shocking, especially when compared to old doors, some of which need to be refreshed every month.


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