Knowing when to do replacements is hard and usually requires expert advice. In the meantime here is some helpful information on front doors:

Old Age

Doors can be made from many types of material, the most popular being wood, fiberglass, and steel. Each of these materials has its own characteristics including lifespans and durability. You will hear this exact same advice for a window replacement project: Always mind the age! With time material deteriorates and it will do so much faster if you give it minimum maintenance or live in difficult weather conditions. Check the warranties for your front door and if it’s reaching the age limit, immediately schedule a replacement.


Wood is more vulnerable than fiberglass and steel since it is prone to rot, termites and cracks. This is why it will have a shorter lifespan. But the lifespan of a wooden door largely depends on the type of wood. For instance, pine lasts a maximum of 20 years, cedar 40 and mahogany 60. Fiberglass and steel are strong and will last about 50-60 years, they do not require maintenance but nonetheless can break and crack as well, especially after severe storms. The cracks and scratched on steel cannot be fixed and door replacement is necessary.

The Signs for Damage

Besides the age and characteristics of the material, you also need to mind the signs for deterioration and loss of functionality. Sometimes, whether because of difficult weather, lack of maintenance or poor manufacturing, the lifespans of these materials can be cut in half. There are many signs for door damage, but here are the most common ones.

Difficulty Operating – If you spend a great deal of your day just opening and closing the door, it probably needs replacing. Sometimes you only need to replace the locks, so carefully inspect the whole area.
Draftiness & High Bills – The number one causes for high energy bills are damaged windows and doors. Because of cracks and other damage, these can let cool air from the outside come in, resulting in you turning up the heater more often.
Leaks & Moisture – Another result of poor front doors is increased humidity levels and leaks. To check if you have high humidity and moisture around the door, check for interior condensation on the glass decorations and windows nearby.
Loose & Unsafe – This is the most dangerous sign for deterioration. If you have a loose door which is easy to open even when locked from the inside, immediately change it. Burglars and intruders will discover every weak point when they try to get in, so make purchasing a safe, high-quality door a priority.

Note: If you cannot decide whether you need replacement or not, do not be afraid of getting a free quota and hearing expert advice.

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