Window replacement is one of the most popular topics in the world of contractors. Everyone recommends replacing your windows and you might have started to wonder why. Well, it is said that window replacement significantly increases a home’s comfort while also being a high investment return and energy bill reducer.

Here are those three things, explained in more detail so we can help you in getting a better understanding of this home renovation trend:

Better Comfort

With time windows deteriorate and lose their primary function, insulation. Apart from keeping the scary winds outside, they should also protect us from hazardous UV rays and noisy neighbors. Poorly installed windows or those made out from low-quality material such as aluminium will surely fail at their jobs and leave us hanging with a high electrical bill and reduced comfort. There are many ways in which windows negatively affect our daily lives.

Here are some of them:

  • Bad soundproofing and frequent headaches
  • Damaged health and furniture from UV rays
  • Mold growth, condensation and pesticide
  • Wall cracks and window leaks
  • Draftiness and cool breezes in the winter
  • Heated air entering in the summer
  • High Investment

There are two types of people, ones who don’t like renovations projects and ones who do. If you are the latter, you are already calling contractors and shopping for new windows online. But if you are the second type, more facts should be stated for you to decide whether you need this or no. What if we told you that if properly done, window replacement can become a ROI of 78%?

These days homebuyers love energy efficiency and what better way to accomplish this than with new and technologically advanced insulation? This is why window replacement is a great addition to one’s home value as it immediately draws attention and offers results beyond our imagination.

Lower Energy Bills

Your energy bill is getting higher and higher even though you carefully operate the heating system and spend effort into being more energy efficient? Hmm… this whole thing might not have anything to do with you, but with your windows. Poorly installed, old or damaged windows can decrease the quality of insulation.

They will let the heated/cooled air out of your home and make you turn on the heating system/HVAC even more often. A casement window with tight seals and triple pane glass alongside vinyl framing can reduce your bills to a minimum while also maximizing your comfort.

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