One of the ways you can extend the lifespan of a window is by regularly cleaning it. Wood requires more maintenance than vinyl or fiberglass, but every material needs some attention. Before you start cleaning, make sure to read these instructions, as cleaning your windows improperly can damage window parts and reduce overall energy efficiency.

When to Clean?

If you are laying on the couch on a sunny Sunday morning and you are wondering how to spend your time more efficiently, do not pick window cleaning. Sunshine and warm weather will dry up the cleaning products faster, leaving you without the opportunity to rinse and with lots of residue stains on the window glass.

If you do not have time to wait for bad weather and must clean the house on a bright and sunny day, start with the shady parts of the house. When you get to the other side, the sun will start to set anyways.

Here are the steps for cleaning your windows, explained simple and neat:

1. Treat Windows

The first step of all is to take out any window treatment you have so curtains, blinds, shades all of those must go. Every window treatment should be cleaned differently. Blinds and shades can be cleaned by a microfiber duster, while curtains need to be put in the washing machine or taken to the dry-cleaner.

2. Remove Dirt and Debris

The next step is removing dirt and debris from window frames and screens. We can easily do this with a sweeping brush or vacuum cleaner. This part of the cleaning process is necessary as it prevents dirt from becoming mud when getting in contact with the cleaning agent.

3. Pre-Cleaning Agent

Most homeowners can get the job done with water and dish detergent, but some may need extra help and thus cleaning agents. There is also a homemade recipe for making one: 2 water cups, Half a cup of white or cider vinegar and one-fourth of a cup filled with rubbing alcohol with 70% concentration.

4. Use a Microfiber Cloth

Glass is really gentle so following the advice of using newspaper for cleaning isn’t that smart. The best way to clean your glass is with microfiber soft cloths or chamois paper towels. These cannot damage the glass in any way and will leave you with a spotless and shiny surface. To clean the glass, just dip the towel in the cleaning solution and wipe it until every stain is removed.

5. Clean Window Screen

To clean the window screen, you need to gently take it out and wash it with hot water and dish soap or cleaning detergent. After you clean the screen, make sure it dries up as you don’t want to put it back all wet and moisty.

6. Post-Cleaning Agent

After you are done with using the cleaning agent, spray the surface with water and wash away any leftovers. This step is really important as, without it, lots of residue spots can appear on the glass. To avoid spraying water all over the place, put towels on the floor below the windows so they can absorb any excess water.

7. Dry the Whole Area

After you wash and rinse make sure to dry up the whole area. The final step should leave your windows nice and dry. You can also use a microfiber cloth or chamois towel to avoid scratching the surface but remember they must be dry.

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