Your windows are an important part of your home’s make-up, your windows allow for natural light to enter your home, they give you a view of the outdoors, they help maintain your home’s desired temperature, and they are a part of your home’s aesthetics. Your windows have a life expectancy or 15-25 years, but with no best before date how do you know if replacement windows are needed?

Here are a few indicators that it may be time to start planning a window replacement project:

If you have an older home that is outfitted with single pane windows or perhaps windows with rotting wooden frames, it is definitely time to look into replacing them. New windows will be easier to operate and more importantly will be more efficient. Energy efficient windows will help reduce your monthly energy bills by keeping the elements at bay.

Broken or cracked windows is probably the most significant indication that it is time to replace one or more of your windows. If your windows are fairly new and the damage happened unexpectedly, perhaps a hockey puck entered your home courtesy of the neighbourhood kids you can look into replacing just the damaged window or even having the glass replaced while keeping the original frame in place. If the damage occurred due to old age and general wear and tear, this is a good indication that you may need to replace more than just the damaged window.

Excess wear and tear can be another indication that it may be time for replacement windows. If your windows are not functioning properly, perhaps they are getting hard to open and close or you can feel a draft from around the frame, it may be time to look into your replacement options. When your windows are not sealing properly, air can travel in and out of your home from the small opening. This puts extra stress on your HVAC system to maintain your desired internal temperature of your home, and will lead to higher energy costs.

Your windows are part of your home’s curb appeal, if they are looking a bit worn and dated or you are not happy with the current style, investing in new windows will give your home a fresh, updated look and feel. There are many styles to choose from and in a variety of colours, allowing you to equip your home with the windows that meet your decorative tastes.

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