Many homeowners are looking to minimize the costs of heating and cooling in their homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for approximately 25% of residential heating and cooling energy use. If you are looking to replace your old and deteriorating windows, don’t be tempted to choose a less expensive replacement window option. Although energy-efficient windows can cost up to 15% more, you should invest in high quality, energy-efficient window replacement.

What is an energy efficient window? How exactly do they work? Well, energy-efficient windows aren’t different from any other type of window. They look and function the same, but the difference is in their construction and performance.

Features of Energy Efficient Windows

1. Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E or low-emissivity glass was developed to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that comes through your glass without compromising the amount of light that enters your home. This types of  glass window has a thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat to keep the temperature in your home consistent by reflecting the interior temperatures back inside.

2. Double and Triple Pane Window

Double pane windows are the best bang for the buck. A double-pane window will reflect 90% of energy and only allow 10% to pass through. So, in the summer, 90% of the heat from the sun is going to stay outside and 10% is going to get in. And, in the winter, 90% of the heat from your furnace is going to stay inside and 10% is going to get out.

Triple pane windows are the most energy efficient. A triple pane window will reflect 97% of energy and only allow 3% to pass through. If you want your heating and cooling system to work smarter, triple pane windows are the most ideal choice for energy efficiency in your home. In addition, if you’re looking to keep noise out because you have noisy neighbours or live in a busy street, triple pane windows will make a difference because of the extra pane of glass.


As much as cheaper windows are tempting to buy, energy-efficient windows carry more benefits in the long run. Aside from saving you money by lowering energy bills, there is a number of benefits of energy-efficient windows:


They keep your home’s temperature consistently comfortable by eliminating the hot and cold spots in a given room.


They protect your household items from the sun’s ultraviolet rays by reflecting up to 97% of energy.


They require low maintenance as you get less dirt and condensation buildup so you don’t have to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning your windows.


They provide soundproofing ability as it reduces or eliminates ambient noise from sirens, roadway traffic, or noisy neighbours.