Dust, dirt, leaves, and dead bugs can all get caught in your window tracks. It doesn’t matter if you have your windows open or closed, eventually, dirt and debris will rest in your window tracks. Cleaning your windows is a task that should be completed at least a couple of times a year, and  achieving clean window tracks should be part of that process.

Why Cleaning Order Matters

The problem with your window tracks is that they are difficult to clean thoroughly utilizing just the same tools and cleaners you use on your window’s glass surface. Only after cleaning the glass and frames of your window, is it time to move onto the track. If you clean the track first, dirt from the glass and frame will accumulate back in the track creating double the work.

Essential Cleaning Tools and Supplies

You can utilize many of the supplies used on the rest of your windows, such as microfiber cloth, cleaning solutions, small brush, and scraping tools, but you will also require a vacuum with a narrow head attachment, soapy water, and a sponge or rag.

Preparation for Efficient Cleaning

If you have already removed the screen you are ahead in the process, if not remove your screen to give you full access to the track. And since you are cleaning the rest of your window, you might as well clean your screen by banging loose any dirt and giving it a quick spray with your garden hose. If you feel comfortable removing the window sashes, do so as it will help with giving you full access to the tracks, if not make sure to move your window sashes back and forth to ensure you clean the entire track.

The Cleaning Process

Begin the process by cleaning out any larger debris from the tracks with your vacuum. Then utilize the small brush to loosen any stuck-on dirt. Spray a generous amount of cleaning solution or soapy water into your tracks and wipe clean using your sponge or rag. Don’t forget your vertical and top tracks as they can collect dirt just as your bottom track. You may need to spray and wipe down your tracks a few times to ensure they are completely dirt-free. If there is any stubborn stuck-on dirt left, use your scraping tool and brush to clear it.

Thorough Cleaning for Optimal Results

If your window sashes are out, it is a good idea to wipe around the edges with a damp rag to clean off any dirt that may be holding on. Once you have cleaned the track, use your brush and rag or sponge to get into the corners of your track. Extra attention is needed here as dirt tends to get compressed into the corners. Give your tracks a final wipe down with a dry rag, and it is time to put the window sashes and the screen back in.

Window Inspection for Potential Issues

It is also a good idea to inspect all of your windows while you are cleaning them. You may be able to spot any potential issues early and act accordingly saving you from a potential window replacement project.

The Key to Window Maintenance

Knowing how to maintain windows is key to ensuring that your windows continue to work properly and provide you with clear, unobstructed views for years to come.