Even though home renovations are big value increases, they don’t come for a cheap price. Experts suggest to annually set aside 1% of your home’s initial cost, specifically for renovation projects. Keeping your home updated is the same as regularly flossing your teeth.

Here is how to properly update your home for cheap:


The cheapest way to update your home’s looks is to simply get a paintbrush in your hands and refresh everything. The colors on your exterior walls are equally important as those on your interior. They determine your curb appeal and create a base for another décor.

Besides walls, you should also refresh your floors, cabinets, furniture, windows, and doors. Adding lighter colors will reflect more light in your room and improve the atmosphere on the inside. That’s why many homeowners decide to repaint with bright, shiny and reflective colors.


One of the renovation projects with the biggest return on investment is window replacement. Modern home buyers are looking for curb appeal and energy efficiency, with new windows you get both. Updating your home can be easily done with adding more energy efficient glass or repainting the window framing.

This is where partial replacement (retrofit) comes in. In your windows aren’t that old and are in average shape, you can opt solely for framing, glass or sash replacement. On the other hand, the best way to update your home is with installing new fancy windows such as skylights and bay, but those projects won’t be as cheap.


People instantly create impressions. Your guests, clients or potential buyers won’t think twice when seeing your home for the first time. That’s why curb appeal is extremely important. Having an amazing fountain, some unique furniture pieces and fancy decorations can smudge reality a bit and make the inside look much better than it actually is.

Your front windows and doors are the main things that create first impressions. If your entrance is rusty, dusty and musty, your home will immediately drop a few dollars in value. Luckily enough, refreshing the entrance is very cheap. You can update the entire area with just a paintbrush, some hanging plants, and a cool doorknob.


Believe it or not, the renovation project with the highest ROI, an average of 98%, is garage door replacement. Depending on size, style, and material, the price varies from $500 to $3000. However, in almost every case, the new garage door will end up paying for itself.

If you spend $500 for your new garage door, you can repaint it, add some noticeable decorations and voila! It will boost up your home’s value for much more than a couple of hundreds. Be wary of what you purchase though! Carefully consult with experts and store managers to see if the door is even worth $500.


Admittedly the cheapest option out there, garden renovation always makes a nice update for a home. First, you get to improve curb appeal. Second, you get to cut branches and maintain your trees which later on prevents gutter clogs, pipe bursts, and nasty debris build-ups.

And last, but not least is that you spend almost nothing for doing a productive, relaxing activity that in the end is beneficial for your health and home. The more plants you have in the garden, the higher oxygen levels, and tranquility. If you want to spice things up, even more, you can install DIY gates, fences, fancy entrances, tree benches, and fountains.


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