Home renovations are not an uncommon occurrence, rugs are changed, wall paints and wallpapers are modified, and utensils are improved. However, when it comes to the windows no one really pays mind until the crack, or fall unhinged. That shouldn’t be the case, as the windows are just as important as doors in your home. They serve a multipurpose function of aesthetic appeal and practical function for your rooms, which means they are eligible for replacement.

It could be that your window supplier told you they can last for 15 years, without wearing or tearing, but so can some clothes, that doesn’t mean you won’t change them. The problem, for most people, comes with knowing when windows are due for replacement because, with a little glass shine, they always look bright and perfect. We would like to disagree, window replacement should be a part of your plans for your house because there are some telltale signs that let you know a set should be switched out. To clarify that, here are a few reasons why you should replace your windows.


Windows with single-pane glasses are quick to heed under pressure and may begin to crack after a few months of use. If your windows have single-pane glass design, it is best to replace them as soon as you can, before they begin to crack, or outrightly shatter.


If you notice water marks around your windows, or moisture on the glass (when the season doesn’t call for) that could be a sign of water leaks which means that your window frame has weakened or the sealant is loose. It is best to replace the windows at this point.


This simply that the window frames are absorbing temperature (heat or cool) which may be detrimental to their condition, as some of the materials used in creating these frames are not of optimal standard. Once you notice high heat or cool around your window frames, it is best to replace them with better, sturdier temperature resistant windows.


Bugs and other insects which infest homes may begin to show up around your windows, a telltale sign of cracks or loose sealant. This tells you that it is simply time to replace the windows.


If your window hinges are loose or the glass pane is cracked, the window may fall off/shatter. As such, a replacement is completely necessary.

Now you know better, no more excuses for leaving an unhinging window just like that. Check for any of these signs, and be sure to replace your windows when they should be replaced.