Choosing the right windows is always a hassle! The first thing you should choose is the window style and afterward, choose the material and the glass. Remember though, if you are doing a full house window replacement project, each room should have a different window. This is because each window offers different benefits and has its own unique pros and cons.

The Basics

To make the best choice, you should consider the room’s characteristics and the climate you live in. Is the room facing North? Does it need more ventilation? Do we have a lot of rain and snow throughout the year? Does this room need more privacy or more outside view? These are some of the questions which should be always on your mind since even the tiniest mistake can cost you comfort and efficiency. The best way to avoid mistakes is by consulting with experts, schedule a free quote and get expert advice fora minimum price -$0

Energy Efficiency

What lots of homeowners don’t know is that windows determine our energy spending. If the window is: improperly installed or insulated, old or with an outdated style and made from material prone to rot and deterioration, you will most probably spend 15% more on your electrical bill. This is because when a window doesn’t do heat transfer properly, we lose either heat or cool in the interior, resulting in frequent usage of heating and cooling systems.

To choose the most energy efficient window, you should mind the energy ratings such as SHGC, U-value, durability, VT and energy stars. If a window has an energy star, it means it has been tested and certified as an energy efficient product.

Material & Style

When it comes to type, homeowners usually opt for the safest options. Casement and awning windows are best for ventilation and that is why they are usually placed in kitchens and bathrooms. For unobstructed views and more natural light, homeowners decide to install bay, sliding, picture, and bow. These also add a great deal to the aesthetic value and curb appeal. On the other hand, if the home has a more traditional look, buyers choose double-hung windows since they have a large historical background. When it comes to material, there are many options, but the most recommended ones are:

Wood – The oldest type of window material is wood. It is still popular amongst buyers and mainly because it is a great insulator and increases aesthetic appeal at the same time. However, the disadvantages of wood cannot be ignored. Since it is vulnerable to rot and termites, wood has a smaller lifespan (25 years max) and requires much more maintenance than other materials.

Fiberglass – The most expensive material on the market is fiberglass. It has the highest durability and efficiency and unlike vinyl, it can also be repainted. So when it comes to combining aesthetics and efficiency, fiberglass is the way to go. However, the price always changes the minds of buyers since they can get almost equal efficiency and for a lower price as well – with vinyl.

Vinyl – The reasonable meeting point between wood and fiberglass is vinyl. It is an amazing insulator and it is highly affordable as well. Vinyl has a lifespan of 50 years and requires little to none maintenance. The only disadvantage is the color and style limitations. Wood and fiberglass are much more appealing. But as the market expands and technology keeps improving, even vinyl can get the chance for an aesthetic make-up. There are many more styles today than 10 years ago, so who knows?

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