Summer is here again, making this the perfect time for a window replacement. Your windows should be appealing and energy efficient, adding value and curb appeal to your home. However, many homeowners do not know the signs signifying it’s time for a window replacement. Especially during the summer, your windows should be in optimal condition to minimize energy costs for cooling. If you are unsure of whether or not your home needs a window replacement this summer, read the 5 tips and tricks below.

1. Rotted Frames

If your windows contain wooden frames and are showing signs of rot and decay you should consider a window replacement immediately. Exposure to high humidity or moisture is the main cause of rotted frames. When choosing a window replacement, consider a frame that is water and moisture resistant.

2. Condensation

If you have double pane windows and can see condensation build up in between the panes, you need a window replacement as soon as possible. With condensation in the window, the glass can become blurry and the window’s energy efficiency may be compromised. This means your window can no longer regulate hot or cold air from entering or leaving your home.

3. Energy Inefficiency

Windows become inefficient when they allow drafts into your home or have a loose seal. Having inefficient windows impacts the comfort of your home, energy bills, cost of HVAC repairs and HVAC durability. As a result, you should not wait until drafty windows become a major problem in your home. Hire an experienced window installer to replace your drafty windows this summer.

4. Poor Window Configuration

If the construction or installation of your windows was done poorly, your windows may not function properly, inevitably needing a replacement. Many homeowners make the mistake of not using quality materials when on a tight budget or hiring an inexperienced contractor for window installation. In these cases, when your windows are showing signs of damage, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible.

5. Difficult Operations

If opening and closing your windows has become a difficult and inconvenient task, then it’s time for a window replacement. Operating your windows should be easy, smooth and accessible, not requiring a lot of energy or hassle.


These are the 5 reasons to change your windows this summer. Meanwhile, choose high-quality materials for your windows and hire a reputable installer to ensure proper window replacement and installation.