Did you know that the preponderance of homeowners encounter at least one window problem? Well, even though we might fail to observe there is a problem with our windows, we usually notice such issues during the cold season.

Still, there are five common window problems you want to avoid, and in this article, we’ll tell you what to look for. In this way, you will be ready to make your home more comfortable and address any window issue that might occur. Let’s see how to deal with the most common window problems.


One of the most frequent problems homeowners have is the drafty window situation. This refers to that moment in which you always feel a small breeze passing by, especially in winter. That might be a result of broken window seals, poor insulation, poorly installed windows, or cracking window frames.

There are several solutions for drafty windows, including repairs done to the frame. Still, the best approach is to opt for window replacement, as it will provide better insulation and more comfort for your home.


Window condensation can be a result of damage done to the seal between your window glass panes. Of course, there are several solutions to this issue, such as using a vent or a dehumidifier. Still, if window condensation is a result of a lack of insulative properties for your windows, it is best to opt for window replacement.


Another frequent problem with windows is the wear and tear they experience in time. Extreme temperature shifts can damage windows, especially if they weren’t installed correctly. And when the installation is improper, it can lead to trapped moisture, mold, or even improper sealing.

For this problem, you can opt for window frame repair. But if the specialist advises you, it is best to replace the window, you should take that into account. In this way, you will make your home more energy-efficient while preventing several issues such as condensation or mold.


Well, if you notice you have a hard time operating your windows, you should know this is a potentially dangerous situation. A window that blocks is difficult to open, or needs additional support to stay open is a potential threat to any home. The best approach to this is to replace faulty windows with energy-efficient solutions. These will give you the best security features, along with a user-friendly system to operate the windows.


And if you see cracks in your window glass, you shouldn’t ignore it. Broken glass can be replaced, and can provide insulation solutions to better the comfort of your home. Keep in mind that specialists recommend you replace broken window glass as soon as it happens. In this way, you prevent additional damage to the window frame, and keep at bay potentially dangerous situations. Glass is unpredictable, and any crack can make it burst out in small pieces.

So, with all these five standard windows problems in mind, now you are ready to maintain better your home. Of course, it is always best to opt for the services of a professional who will be able to establish what is the best approach for your issue.