Windows play crucial roles in the functionality and aesthetics of the building. Besides, windows contribute to the overall value of the property and the interior comfort of the house. The life expectancy of windows ranges between 10 years and more, depending on the materials used and the weather conditions. However, there are several other reasons why you may need window replacement sooner than expected. Here are four reasons why windows need to be replaced:

1. High Energy Bills

Windows contribute to the energy efficiency of the home. However, when your windows fail in, the results show in the amount of money you will be spending on energy bills. If there is a significant increase in your energy bills, the chances are that your windows are failing since it’s allowing drafts in your home. This forces your HVAC system to work hard to control the temperature in your home properly, which will increase energy consumption and cost.

2. Difficult Window Operation

Your home may require window replacement as soon as possible if it becomes highly difficult to open or close your windows. Windows should operate smoothly without exerting a ton of force. If you use force or pressure to open or close your windows, it is most likely the time to replace them is now. Many factors may be responsible for the difficult operation, such as peeled paint, swollen frame and damaged sashes.

3. Noise

One of the most important features of windows is soundproofing. Windows should reduce the level of outdoor noise that gets to your home interior. You should not be disturbed by the outdoor noise. However, when you do not enjoy the quietness in your living room any longer due to the noise of vehicles passing by at the end of the street, you need to replace your windows before you lose your peace of mind completely.

4. Condensation

If you have double or triple-glazed windows in your home, but if they appear foggy recently, you need to prepare for a window replacement. The foggy windows indicate that there is condensation inside the windows. Your windows are not as energy-efficient as they used to be because the windows’ seal has failed, making them leaky.