You just finished your window replacement project? Now, you are looking for some fine-looking window treatment? Be wary though, curtains can either make or break a room. Finding the perfect ones can be as hard as finding the perfect home. Luckily for us, curtains don’t cost as much. So if you make a mistake, don’t worry. Just invest in another pair of curtains and make clothing or kitchen cloths out of the old ones.

However, to avoid making these mistakes more than once, here is what you should focus on while choosing the curtains:

1. Fabric

Your curtains are the fabric they are made from. Nothing will influence their durability and functionality as the material. The fabric also influences the amount of sun blockage and the way your curtains fall. If you are one of those creative enthusiasts who like to change their curtains frequently, durability shouldn’t be a concern.

However, if you don’t want to go over the hassle of choosing curtains again, you should carefully investigate the types of fabric. For instance, silk may be elegant and luxurious but is gentle as a leaf. This makes it extremely vulnerable and easily prone to damage.

2. Maintenance

Keep in mind that curtains need regular cleanups and maintenance as they are known for collecting dust and dirt. The fabric you choose will determine how much effort you spend in the future just for simple clean up. Some curtains are dry-cleaned only and others are washing machine friendly. This is important to know because if you wash a machine a curtain which is dry-cleaned only you can severely damage it and make it loose its primal shine.

3. Size & Placement

Measure before you buy! For choosing curtain size, you should measure the window area, top to bottom and left to right. First, measure the area from the curtain panels to the flooring or wherever you want the curtains to end. Usually, designers place the panels 6 inches above the window frame. This makes the room and windows feel larger. Going above 6 inches also gives a nice look, but if not necessary or room complimentary do not dramatize with placing the hanger 15 inches above the window.

The ideal window curtain width makes the curtains seem full while also preventing them from disrupting the view when unused. To take these ideal measurements, add 4 to 8 inches on both sides and double the result. It sounds like a number game, but it ensures proper light blockage and unobstructed views at the same time.

4. Should You Choose Lining?

Choosing to add a lining to your curtains is almost always recommended. In cases where homeowners want lighter curtains and light blockage at the same time, the lining will do the trick and provide every possible benefit. They are widely chosen because of their three main selling points: protection of curtain material and wooden floors increased volume and richness of window treatment and increased energy efficiency in a room.

5. You & The Room

The most important thing you should consider when choosing curtains is yourself. Ask yourself about the reason you want curtains as window treatments. Is it to make an aesthetic statement, to increase privacy or simply to have an additional insulator? The answers to these questions will direct you toward the perfect curtains for your home.

Another thing you should consider is the room you are furnishing. Choose curtains that will improve its beauty and functionality, not ones that will leave you with reduced comfort and confused guests. Incorporate curtains that represent the spirit of the room. If it is a children room, try to consider purchasing printed and colorful curtains. If it’s a study room, choose curtains that preserve privacy while also allowing natural light to enter gracefully. And the ideal curtains for the bedroom should be those who signify relaxation and sleep.

To choose the right curtains, start investigating the facts. For instance, did you know that hotels use curtains for gaining maximum security and energy efficiency? Learn all the tricks and if you find it to be more than you can take, do not cancel out the option of consulting with an expert. This way you’ll get objective professional opinions and a guarantee for making the right purchase.

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