A home’s ability to bring in an abundant amount of natural light can be an overlooked feature that homeowners can never live without once they experience it. Natural light can make a room feel bigger and also give a person some health benefits. You may be wondering, how can I bring more light into your home? One way is focusing on your home’s main features like windows and doors, other ways may include adding more reflective accessories to a room to allow light to bounce off. Whichever you choose you are almost guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Install larger windows and doors

If you are in the market for new windows and doors, now is the time to enhance the amount of natural light coming in. Due to advancements in window design, there is less framework, resulting in more exposed glass. For the most effect, choose picture, bow, or bay windows for the max amount of light. These may be used with fixed and operable pieces to provide lots of light and ventilation. Stack transom or radius windows over your existing windows can also be used to provide light while also maintaining privacy. With new windows any room could be transformed into a sunroom by replacing a solid outside door with a patio or garden door, blurring the borders between indoor and outdoor living area.

On that note you can also choose doors with windows already pre-installed into their design. Whether you pick modern bi-fold or sliding doors or more conventional French doors, opening up the back of the home to the backyard will not only make the space brighter, but will also connect it to the patio or open yard year-round, making it feel larger. Choose doors with slender framing for maximum daylight penetration. However, keep in mind that these will seem quite contemporary and may not fit your room if you live in a period home. Slim window frames let in the most light while not impeding the view. Alternatively, frameless glazing eliminates any form of supporting structure by simply attaching glass to glass with silicone, an ideal option for corner windows.

Allow the most amount of light with clean windows

The amount of light that can enter your home is directly proportional to how clean your windows are. If the window glass is not clean, less light will enter the area, making the room look gloomy and dreary. Keeping your windows clean of hard water, smoke film accumulation, oxidation, and dirt particles will allow the most light to enter your home and highlight what’s within. Furthermore, the natural light that comes with clean reflecting surfaces has been shown to improve mood and productivity by making rooms feel more open and welcoming. A brighter, more open atmosphere will soothe and inspire you and your guests. Well maintained windows not only let more light in but also add curb appeal from outside of your home. A common win-win for you and your home.

Add skylights to your roof

One of the primary reasons that many people choose to install a skylight in their home is because they produce a lot of natural light! One of the finest features of skylights is that they let in natural light depending on the peak hours of the day, which can help to lighten up any room and make it feel more open and spacious. Since the skylight opens up your room, it may make it appear larger, which is ideal for those tight spaces in the home. Skylights are simply roof windows. They add a visual element that not only draws direct light but also promotes views and connection with the outside world. They are quite versatile, since they may be fixed, vented, tinted, or integrated with an automated shutter system.

Paint your home’s eaves white

Eaves are the overhangs constructed with your roof. They are either left as open eaves or covered with a horizontal soffit. This part, in any event, reflects natural light and directs it into your home. One little-known strategy to increase natural light in every area of your home is to paint your eaves white. You may paint your eaves white even if the rest of your house is a different color. The curbside aspect may not be changed because of how the eaves slant toward the house. Only from within your home will you be able to view them.

Use lighter or brighter interior wall and ceiling paints

It may appear that painting walls white or another light hue is a simple approach to add more light, and it is. The most effective approach to reflect natural light back into your space is to paint your interior walls . White is the most visible. Nothing is more bright than white. This has been a staple choice for ages, but it has just become trendy again. A stark white room with abundance of sunlight may be transformed into a large area with attractive fixtures. This is an excellent choice for a space that will be filled with furniture and other striking objects, or if you want a clean and minimalistic aesthetic white is the color to paint your next room. To make the area look more cohesive, paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. If you prefer other colors but need more light in your space, consider whites with underlying color tones. White is available in a wide variety of subtly varied tints.

Reflect the natural lighting with room additions

You know how dazzling a chandelier can be if you have ever stepped into a sunny room with one. When sunlight bounces off a chandelier, additional light enters the space. This does not even need the chandelier to be switched on to do so. To obtain this impression, however, you do not need to install a chandelier in your home. Consider any shiny, glossy, or reflecting room features. Add mirrors, sconces, and gleaming cabinet handles to gradually boost natural light. Mirrors and other shiny objects reflect light back into the room while also adding a sense of depth into the space that they are in.

A home that allows a source of natural light is accompanied with a number of benefits. This can be the appearance of a larger room, better visibility in dark areas during the day, or the positive health benefits that natural light has on the human body. One thing is certain, it is that almost every home can gain from a little more sunshine.