When it comes to home renovations, replacing your windows and doors isn’t always on the top of the list for homeowners. Even though replacing your windows and doors have many benefits such as increased efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal, it may not be considered as attractive as an updated bathroom or fixing up your yard. However, neglecting the signs you need new windows can have some negative consequences, including increased energy bills, water damage and security risks.

Our team has put together the below list of 5 signs that it’s time to replace your windows so you can better assess the condition of your windows.


When closed, windows should not allow any air to pass into your home. A drafty window can lead to an inconsistent internal home temperature and will drive the cost of your energy bills up, as your consumption inevitably surges due to increased heating in the winter months and cooling in the summer months.


Nobody likes to be disturbed by unexpected noise. In fact, this type of noise is even categorized as pollution, and pollution of any kind should not be part of your home. Faulty and outdated windows allow for all sorts of noise from the outside into your home. If the noise from dogs barking, cars passing, and kids playing has become part of your everyday life, you should consider replacing your windows with newer, better sound proofing windows.


Condensation on the outside or even the inside of your windows isn’t necessarily an issue. However, condensation in between your window panes is one of the most visible signs you need new windows. When condensation begins to buildup in between your glass, it’s an indicator the seals have been damaged and that your windows have been compromised. When the seal that binds your windows panes together is broken, it allows for any of the gas that was filling this space to leak causing your efficiency to be drastically reduced.


Your windows shouldn’t be difficult to open and close. If you are finding it increasingly difficult to do so, then this should be taken as an indicator of an issue. Either your frames have bent, shifted or rotted or any moving mechanisms have begun to stick or the installation wasn’t completed properly to begin with. Either way, these issues can all be rectified with a properly installed replacement window.


If you look at your windows and see any visible damage, this can be in the form of breaks, cracks, rot, rust, or any other form, it definitely means it is time for a window replacement. While this might sound fairly obvious, many homeowners often choose to ignore these signs, or try and delay acting on the issues until a later time. The biggest issue with ignoring visual damage, is that the damage can attract potential home intruders, allow for bugs and pests to enter your home, and act as an impending safety hazard if the glass shatters for any reason. Eventually you will need to deal with these types of issues, why not today?