Curb appeal can be considered as the initial impression of your home. Even if a homeowner has no intention of selling, they want their home to create a good first impression on guests, neighbors, or simply the ordinary person walking down the street. While it is certainly true that boosting curb appeal may assist increase your home’s selling value and market attractiveness, it is also a matter of homeowner satisfaction with the look and feel of their home. Curb appeal can be increased with quality windows and doors.

Select a complimenting color

A new coat of paint may go a long way on an otherwise good-looking window or door. As long as there are no structural concerns such as cracks, chipped paint, or dents. Upgrading your door can be as simple as going down the paint aisle. It is entirely up to personal preference when it comes to selecting the ideal color for your window or door. You may choose strong colors like red or blue, or go with neutral favorites like gray or white, as long as you get them in an exterior blend and any paint you put on your window or door will need to be specially designed to hold up to the elements. It is also recommended to keep in mind the color of your roof and exterior walls. You would want to color your windows and doors to complement these other areas to create a cohesive aesthetic for your home.

Choose a specific material

The material you choose for your windows and doors affects both its energy efficiency and its overall curb appeal. Some common materials to choose from for your windows and doors are vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

For doors, the common options are wood, steel, and fiberglass each with its own advantages. The wood material for a door can be a good choice in achieving a high-end, architecturally unique entryway. A wood door also brings character to a home because of its natural-looking aesthetic. In comparison, fiberglass is another option that can mimic the look of a wood door but its advantage is that fiberglass can be customized with a vast amount of options in terms of shape and finish. Such finishes may include a flat finish or a wood look with a fine grain and a stained finish. Lastly, steel doors can bring a modern look and feel to your home with their flat finish and painted look.

For windows, the common options are wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Wood and fiberglass have the same aesthetic features mentioned in entry doors. Wood brings a classic appearance to your windows while fiberglass brings more customizability and options that could also mimic the aesthetic of wood. Vinyl windows may have a limited amount of color options but they may provide more value as they are cost-effective while also being nearly maintenance-free.

Customize your windows and doors

To improve your home’s curb appeal you can customize your front door to stand out but still be visually appealing to anyone that passes by. Along with choosing a type of door or color, you may be able to choose features like the sidelite, glass, grilles, hinges, and hardware. Sidelites are a great option to add light into your entryway but also add a bit of contrast to your front door area. If there is an overhang right about your front door the area could appear quite dark even in the shade during the day. However, with a customized feature like a sidelite it can add more depth to your entryway without sacrificing the privacy of your home.

Your new windows may also be customized in an infinite number of ways Colors, glass and grille choices, hardware finishes, and extra accessories can all be available. After a contractor has installed your windows, you may boost curb appeal even more by customizing the style of your windows. To mention a few common treatments, pair them with stylish pleated panels, beautiful valances or cornices, regal swags, or minimalist Roman shades. Curb appeal projects allow you to express yourself and show off your own personal style.

Select a specific type of window or door

There are many types of windows and doors you can select for your home. For windows, the type you select should be a design that allows for enough natural light to come in while still complimenting the appearance of the exterior of your home. Window types include awning, bay, bow, single or double hung, and single and double slider windows. These window types should also match the structure of your home. Hung windows can be usually installed facing alleyways, laneways, or porches, but they can also be found on the fronts of homes. Bay and bow windows are great for adding texture and depth to the front of your home because of their protruding design.

Just like windows, doors have many different types such as double doors, doors with glass panels, or glass doors, to name a few. A glass door can bring a lot of natural light into your home but also can draw a lot of eyes, which is why adding curtains or adding a privacy finish would be best. A glass door is a good option if the front of your home does not have many windows. A glass door with panels is another option and has more privacy and comes in a variety of shapes and patterns. Lastly, a double door can be a statement piece for the front of your home, making a grand impact on aesthetics and overall curb appeal.

Regular maintenance and upkeep

Maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining your home’s curb appeal. To keep a window and door appearing new, they must be cleaned and maintained as it matures. It is recommended to clean all functioning hardware, hinges, and tracks twice a year and lubricate with silicone spray or mild oil for your windows and doors. It is also recommended to use mild soap and water to clean vinyl and metal surfaces. In addition, automotive paste wax can be used to renew the sheen of aluminum. Inspect the face caulking once a year to check that it is still securely sealed against the glass. For your windows and doors, you can also replace the weatherstripping as it functions to keep the cold out. In regards to glass, we advise going easy and avoiding using abrasive products or cleansers. Regular maintenance will ensure that your windows and doors are still looking and functioning like new.

Getting the curb appeal you desire is all about getting creative and pulling out all of the little details to take your home from the standard look to full of character. Updating windows and doors can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home. Along with making your home more attractive to you, this renovation project also makes your home more attractive to everyone that passes by or visits. Quality windows and doors also go past just increasing curb appeal but it also increases your home’s value.